Webinar: Appraisals

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Webinar: Appraisals

Changes are afoot for Fortuna’s Table.

Here are the highlights.

We are pleased to report that Castell Project is now part of the AHLA Foundation. Castell was a founding partner of Fortuna’s Table together with SHaD Project, the non-profit entity associated with She Has a Deal. As part of Castell’s transition to the Foundation, SHaD Project now owns 100% of Fortuna’s Table. That transfer came with a grant and staffing assistance to enhance SHaD’s ecosystem supporting future women hotel owners.

Bringing Fortuna’s Table into SHaD and growing SHaD’s ecosystem will take planning and then time to execute. We are not scheduling Tables on Fortuna during that process.  However, we are allowing full access to the Knowledge Hub without a subscription. We invite future hotel owners to browse the library and read articles of their choosing.

In the meantime, if you are a future hotel owner and have questions about the how best to reach that goal, submit your email address on the web site and Peggy or Tracy will reach out.

Thank you for your interest in Fortuna’s Table.