Deal Thesis – The Allegna LLC

Submitted to Viviana SHAD on 10/5/21: Deal thesis: The Vision:   The Allegna: “The Ultimate, Upscale, Escape” a new upscale boutique resort to be developed.  Nestled in Georgia, will be the creation of an island boutique where natural and cultural wonders connect to create the ultimate, upscale escape unseen anywhere else in the United States. Here is where the creation of an island resort will come alive. You’ll see it in the line where the Mountain meets the horizon, inspiring peaks that beckon you to climb to new heights and absorb stunning sunsets.  You’ll taste it in the quintessential flavors of Caribbean cuisine, simmered low and slow, And hear it when you learn to say “Irie” which means “everything is alright” with a true sense of warm hospitality that only The Allegna can teach you. You’ll put it all into the memories you’ll create, with the person you love, at The Allegna Georgia.  We invite you to see, taste, smell, hear, and feel it for yourself. The Allegna Rooms & Suites: 100 keys 60 1,000-1,200 sq ft villas 40 Rooms 400 sq ft. Rooms:  Crisp, modern design imbued with a Caribbean warmth that creates a welcoming and intimate setting without distractions. Suites:  Retreat to the relaxed elegance of the Island Suites, overlooking the exclusive heart-shaped pool and lush private garden.  These signature suites will surround a secluded lagoon, where guests can explore and perfect their own love languages. Guests that book the suites will get a Allegna golf cart for a prestigious trip around the property where they can explore every inch of the facility. Type of Hotel: Upscale Boutique Resort City/Market: Georgia Brand: Independent (But not opposed to flagging as a Curio or Signia Hilton)